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Students who do not meet traditional admission requirements may still be eligible to attend Penn State.

Provisional Student

female Brandywine student at orientationFirst-year students who do not meet our traditional admission requirements may apply for admission as a provisional student. Provisional admission provides an opportunity for degree-seeking students who show motivation for success in college. Students who are admitted to our provisional program are eligible to apply for student financial aid.

Provisional students must show the potential for success through their high school record and an on-campus interview.  Adult students may also submit a GED for consideration. Students who are admitted to our provisional program are required to participate in one of several programs offered through our Learning Center.

After successfully completing 18 credits, provisional students may apply for degree status through our online application. Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00. Students may not remain in provisional status beyond a total of 36 credits. All provisional students are advised through our Advising and Career Center.

For more information about attending as a provisional student, contact our Admissions Office at 610-892-1200.

Non-Degree Student

Students who are not eligible for admission to degree programs or our provisional program may take courses as a non-degree, non-matriculated student. Financial aid is not available to students in this status. Students who successfully complete 18 or more credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 may apply for degree status.

For more information about attending as a non-degree student, contact our Registration Office at 610-892-1400.