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Dr. Goldschmidt at campus lion shrine

Title: Assistant Professor of English
Office: 312 J Main Building
Phone: 610-892-1465
E-mail: mmg5@psu.edu

As a sociolinguist, I focus both my research and teaching on language studies and language education.  In my role as a researcher, I describe the intricacies of language use so that practitioners can impart this information to their students.  The thrust of my research has been on the teaching of non-English speaking immigrant students at the university level and the implications associated with teaching this population of students.  Another research interest of mine is language and identity, especially in post-apartheid South Africa.  In my role as a teacher, in addition to teaching linguistics courses, I have designed an interdisciplinary academic program for immigrant students. I am also a coordinator of, and teacher in, both the Honors and Civic Engagement programs on our campus.  My research has been published in several books and journals including The Study and Use of English in Africa, The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, The Journal of Black Studies, and College ESL:

Recent Publications and Presentations

Recent Publications (Book)
Goldschmidt, M., D. Ousey (2011). Teaching Developmental Immigrant Students in Undergraduate Programs: A Practical Guide. Ann Arbor:University of Michigan Press).

Recent Publications (Journals)
Goldschmidt, M., D. Ousey and C.F. Brown. (2011). Expanding the Learning Experience Beyond the Classroom Walls for Developmental Immigrant Students. Research and Teaching in Developmental Education.

Goldschmidt, M. (2009). Service Learning: Serving More Than One Purpose. Acta Linguistica: Language for Specific Purposes and Intercultural Communication, Vol. 1, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia; Matej Bel University Press.

Goldschmidt, M. and T. Seifried. (2008). Mismatched Expectations among Developmental Immigrant Students in Higher Education. Research and Teaching in Developmental Education, Volume 24:2, 27-38.

Media inquiries on language and linguistics welcome.