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Professor of Chemistry
B.S., City College of New York; Ph.D., Brooklyn College, City College of New York.
Scholarly/Research Interests: Heterocyclic Chemistry. Currently working in pyrrole chemistry: mechanism of electrophilic aromatic substitution; substitution by addition-elimination; chlorination; 2-aminopyrroles. Also nitrenium ions and substituent effects.
Joined campus faculty in 1989.
email: mxd19@psu.edu

Instructor in Chemistry
B.A., Washington University, St. Louis;  M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana;  M.S., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia;  Ph.D., Temple University, Philadelphia.
Scholarly/Research Interests:  Theoretical chemical physics in biology and nanotechnology.  Quantum mechanical investigations of aggregate chromophore photonic systems.  Current projects involve developing models for excitonic energy transfer as related to DNA-light interactions, photosynthesis, and molecular photonics in optical nanotechnology. 
Joined campus faculty in 2011.
e-mail: kak46@psu.edu 

Professor of Chemistry
B.S. (with honors), Reading University, England; M.Phil., Hatfield Polytechnic, England; Ph.D., Temple University; Chartered Chemist.
Scholarly/Research Interests: Organic Chemistry: Investigations into the structure and spectroscopic properties of 1,3- thiazolidin-4-ones and their tin complexes. Chemistry and Sport: pH of male and female sweat under varying workout conditions.
Joined campus faculty in l983.
email: jxt4@psu.edu