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Entrance to Major Requirements: Must be met by the student’s fourth semester.
Recommended Academic Plan (requires pdf reader)

  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0
  • PRAXIS qualifying scores in Reading, Mathematics, Writing. Students are urged to take the PRAXIS tests prior to their fourth semester.
  • Documentation of 80 hours of age- and diversity-appropriate experience on Education Work Experience Form available from advisors. At least 40 of those hours must be with learners whose cultural, social, or ethnic background differs from the candidate’s own. Since the program leads to certification in Elementary Education, the 80 hours must be with learners in those particularly age groups. The 80 hours may be for paid and. /or volunteer work.
  • At least 48 credits completed including grades of C or better in:
Eng.15 or 30 (3 credits)
GN (3 credits) (physical/earth/biological science)
Literature (3 credits)
HIST 21 (3 credits)*
CI 295 (2 credits )**
MATH 200 (3 credits)
GQ (3 credits)
EDTHP 115 (3 credits)
EDPSY 14 (3 credits)
HDFS 229 (3 credits)
* Students are expected to complete HIST 21. HIST 20, AMST 100 or AMST 105 will fulfill the HIST 21 requirement for students who completed these courses prior to declaring interest in Education. HIST 154 will also meet entrance to major requirements. While HIST 154 also satisfies the DF requirement, it does not satisfy a GH.
** Clearance and Liability Insurance Required
  • Students, who meet ALL of the prerequisites, GPA, courses, tests, and hours, will be approved and will be notified during the spring semester to permit appropriate planning and registration for fall semester.
  • Students who meet the cum GPA and course requirements but who may not have passed the three PRAXIS tests and/or who may not have all their 80 hours completed will be given conditional acceptances. Documented hours must be submitted no later than the last day of classes of spring semester.
  • All students are required to take the PRAXIS by the November TEST DATE of their third semester and present documentation of passing scores by the posting of the April test results.  Freshmen are encouraged to complete PRAXIS testing the summer prior to sophomore year.  Students may elect to take the PRAXIS tests by computer, but qualifying scores must be received by the end of the spring semester. While unofficial scores of the reading and math tests are displayed immediately on the test screen, scores for the writing test are not received for 2-3 weeks from the test date. Students taking the computerized test must allow time for scores to be received by Penn State by the end of the spring semester. Students who fail the computerized tests must wait 60 days before repeating the tests, thus, students must plan accordingly and take the tests prior to their fourth semester.
  • Students who do not meet the above deadlines will be denied entrance to the major.
  • Early Field Experiences play a major role in students’ learning in the Elementary Education in Multicultural Settings program. To facilitate proper placements, we must have an accurate count of entering juniors so that we can notify our principals and cooperating teachers by June. Therefore, decisions regarding approvals or denials must be made by the end of the spring semester.

Click here for checksheets for the major.