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Drawing on the Perception of American Popular Culture

The Be A Lion group by the Lion ShrineAll students register for American Studies 105. Each student selects either PRIDE 1 - Art 020 (GA) Introduction to Drawing OR PRIDE 2 - Sociology 001(GS) Introductory Sociology.

American Studies 105

In American Studies 105: Popular Culture and Folk Life, you will study the ways Americans talk about what matters to them. We will critically examine popular culture topics that speak to us as individuals, as a community, and as a nation.

  • What roles do media, like television, radio, movies, and the Internet, play in fostering a sense of American identity?
  • What might a monster movie, a baseball game, an election, or a meal have to say about the sort of civilization that exists in the United States?
  • How does the history of our country interact with the marketplace to create an American popular culture?

Monday through Thursday, 8:30 - 10:15 a.m.

Choose Your Pride!


Pride 1
Art 020 Introduction to Drawing

In Art 020: Introduction to Drawing, a general survey course for non-majors, you will explore the many traditional materials of drawing, including pencil, charcoal, conte, ink and ink wash, pastel, as well as experimental tools.

Tuesday and Thursday
10:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (with a break)

Juliet Gundy

Instructor in Art Juliet Gundy


Pride 2
Sociology 001 Introductory Sociology

In Sociology 001: Introductory Sociology, you will study the nature and characteristics of human societies and social life, while focusing on how socialization provides perspectives on how one becomes a member of society.

Monday through Thursday
10:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

Erin Kelly

Instructor in Sociology Erin Kelly


To enrich this experience, an holistic approach to college life will be available in the afternoons including workshops on wellness theory and practice in Tai chi and yoga.

Space is limited ...


"Be A Lion gives you a head start on college."
-Matthew Stein, Chester Springs
Renaissance Academy

"I like how classes are so small that everyone gets to know each other. We all know someone when we get to school in the fall."
-Megan Gilroy, Berwyn
Conestoga High School

"Be A Lion really set a good tone for my entire college experience. It led me to so many unique opportunities at Brandywine, including honors, travel abroad, THON, and the chance to participate in a national leadership conference!"
-Christopher Kramer
Penncrest High School