We are ... 50!

We are ... 50!

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Penn State Brandywine

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From Chester to Media …

From Penn State Delaware County to Penn State Brandywine …

From 2+2 to four-year degrees …

From commuter-only to campus housing …

What a 50 years it’s been!

In the mid-1960s, the Delaware County Commissioners asked Penn State to establish a local campus. The University agreed and Penn State Delaware County opened on September 25, 1967 in temporary space underneath a roller skating rink in Chester. The enrollment was 236 students with 11 faculty members.

In December 1970, when construction on the Main Building was completed, the campus moved to its current location in Media (Middletown Township) on 50 acres that were donated by Delaware County. The campus has since grown to four buildings, with two more under construction, and now sits on 112 acres. The campus name was changed to Penn State Brandywine in 2007.

Brandywine and its 19th Century Neighbors

Follow the results of American Studies students and faculty at Brandywine who have, for more than a decade, been researching the nineteenth-century history of our land and neighborhood.  Starting from the site of the new student union—a dairy-farmer’s house--move out to Yearsley Mill, Tyler Arboretum, the Quaker meetinghouses, and Cumberland Cemetery. Along the way meet some of the characters and scenes they have discovered:  an ice-cream producing social reformer, a protesting wife, a religious community divided, a reconciling place of burial, a miller struggling to survive, a traveling woman preacher, and more.
Download A Journey to the Past at Penn State Brandywine here.